I gave a poem to George McGovern when he was running for President in 1972.
Photo by John Van Beekum, in The Daily Texan.



The Street Act
Photo by Jay Godwin, Austin American Statesman, 1974.



Doing poems on various stages and open mics.



Paying dues at the Hole in the Wall, late 70's. Alex Coke and
Rich Harney had a Monday night gig. They would bring me up to emote.
Photo by Mike Levens.



The Bop Brothers
Richie Cole and I had a cosmic connection, a beatnik bond.
Photo by Ron Jones. (Photo taken before the Blues Brothers)



Richie Cole was Musician at Large at the Telluride Jazz Festival.
I was invited in to do my thing, with musicians and solo.



I put together a Get Out the Vote rally on the West Mall of the University of Texas
campus, October, 1988. It was a platform to deliver my Prosecute Bush speech.
Photos by Alan Pogue.
Alex Coke - Sax, Chris Maresh - Bass.



Thru the Years I would get Alex to work Coffee Houses and variety shows.
This photo was taken at The Hideout.



This is from the Poets Café gig at Austin Community College.
Alex Coke - Sax and Russ Scanlon - Guitar



Building 7 WTC 9/11
Musicians March for Peace - Texas State Capitol
Photo by Joe Delgado