Participation and Meditation
Life is a double play
Sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it don't
It's all poetic, whether comedy or tragedy
It's the same old romantic story
with new twists and turns, and modern concerns
but you can't reject traditional approaches completely
question them discreetly, because it's a combination.
micro Macro and simple and complex
and you are always saying, "My God, what happens next!?"
It's a combination, a continuation of an investigation
Sometimes you are in control and sometimes you ain't
Sometimes it gets so heavy it makes you want to faint
You got to keep grooving, a painter has got to paint
Do it for yourself and for the people, sinner and saints
You can make the game more fun you know what it takes
It's a combination
With some free form discipline
Organize anarchy constructively!
with a banjo on your knee
Let the bass do the walking, let the sax do the talking
Then you got a boppin' combo
while the drums keep beatin' the blues
Polite aggressive, some passive receptive
and some rightous rockin' along the way
Love, faith, perseverance, humility, audacity
and on and on, you could call it poetry
but call it what you want, it's still a combination
because this is my reality and artistic creation
regardless of critical interpretation
Sometimes you're cool, sometimes you punk out
or trip out, or freak out
Try not to sell out, that's part of what it's all about
It's a combination.
Life is dice
You are the shooter
You might call it luck, but it's a combination
Play to win, strive to survive
Keep on truckin, while you're alive
That death trip is jive. All you got to do is Thrive!
and remember