The laws against Cannabis are not stupid. They are calculated evil. The reasons for the laws against Cannabis are lies. These unjust laws are a repressive, money-making system created to control the citizens of our free democracy. If citizens cannot have a personal herb garden, they do not have personal freedom. The laws against Cannabis are calculated evil. When laws are corrupt and destructive it is the right and duty of the people to abolish those laws.


The Austin American Statement
A Manifesto for Re-Legalizing Cannabis .................- JR Ryan, July 4, 2000



We, the people of the United States, who use, need, and enjoy the bounty of the noble yet humble Cannabis plant should not be considered criminals. We hold these truths as evidence:

Cannabis was the first domesticated plant. Cultures and religions throughout history were based on the many beneficial aspects of the Cannabis plant. The earliest pharmacopoeia credits the medicinal values of Cannabis. The first ships used Cannabis for rope and canvas sails. Cannabis is the root word canvas. Cannabis, also known as hemp, was praised by Thomas Paine in his discourse Common Sense, in which he wrote "We will never be in want of cordage." Most of the early American farmers grew Cannabis, including Washington and Jefferson. The first drafts of the Constitution were written on hemp paper. The first American flags were made from hemp fabric. Cannabis was used on the covered wagons that settled the West. Cannabis is good for a lot of things, including the soil in which it is grown. The agricultural, industrial and medicinal use is well documented. As a food for people, farm animals, and birds, the seed is better protein than the peanut. As a cloth, it is stronger and softer than cotton. Growing cotton depletes the soil and requires chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Cannabis replenishes the soil and doesn't require chemical fertilizers and pesticides and Cannabis stops and prevents erosion.

Cannabis is an annual herb that is easy and inexpensive to grow. Hemp makes better and cheaper paper than wood pulp. A forest doesn't grow back annually. Cutting down trees for paper should be criminal.

In the 1800s, the most prescribed medicine in the U.S. pharmacopoeia was an extract from Cannabis. The medical benefits can help migraine, glaucoma, insomnia, stress, hypertension, anxiety, epilepsy, chemotherapy recovery, psychotherapy, AIDS, asthma, emphysema, eating disorders, depression, PMS, childbirth, muscle spasms, morphine addiction, alcoholism, and it's good for sex. Cannabis is a panacea for the people. Synthetic medicine has problems with dosage and bad side effects. Cannabis doesn't have these problems. No one has ever died from an over-dose. It is not a narcotic, you do not get addicted, you do not have withdrawal symptoms, you don't have to keep increasing dosage, and it doesn't lead to hard drugs. Depriving the citizens of a safe, inexpensive herbal remedy should be criminal.

Until the 20th century, all quality paint and varnish was made from hemp seed oil. The Mona Lisa was painted on canvas with Cannabis-based paint. Cannabis can also be processed into clean burning fuel, unlike petroleum fuel.

In the 1930s, a major invention was built for harvesting hemp. This machine would revolutionize industrial America. The quality of life would be better for everybody, worldwide!

Then evil struck a terrible blow. In 1937, the benign herb Cannabis is declared a Narcotic. The fix was in. Robber Baron Banker Andrew Mellon was Secretary of Treasury. He got to pick the director of the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics. His niece's husband didn't have a job, that's how we got Anslinger, Harry J. He was not a doctor, nor did he have a background in law, he was a yellow journalist. Harry J. and the Hears newspaper-timber syndicate gave us lies such as "Smoke one marijuana cigarette and you could kill your brother!" The Reefer Madness genre of propaganda began its hysterical run. And the FBI played a major role in promoting the fear and loathing. Genesis 1:29 had been overruled. "And God gave us every herb bearing plant to use and enjoy."

Who would want Cannabis to become a controlled substance? The discrimination started in the early 20th century. The Latino people in the border towns along the Rio Grande were having too much fun and they weren't showing enough respect to their superiors. Marijuana, a new and scary slang word, became a scapegoat, a tool for law enforcement. This is how the Criminal Justice System and prison construction became growth industries. To hell with liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if you don't fit in to the White Bred mentality you become a target. From Zoot Suits to Yippies, from pro athletes, music and movie stars to Veterans, beatniks and bucolics, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. For having a plant that has been growing abundantly since the beginning of history, the Company Security Police will take away your civil rights, confiscate your property, drain you financially and then throw you in jail. In Texas if you are caught with more hemp than it takes to make a noose, they'll hang you.

The new liquor industry didn't like the cheap competition. And the Mob wasn't getting their piece of the action. The Black Market took care of both.

Industrial hemp was the main competition to the new nylon-petrochemical scam. Du Pont's plastic kingdom slayed the threat of natural fiber. Since cotton requires copious amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Poly and Ester are in a win-win situation. And corporate farms were rewarded by the destruction of many independent family farms. Hemp was a bread and butter crop for a lot of people, a large percentage were black. And sick people were getting off too easy with this cheap, natural herbal remedy. The pharmaceutical drug cartel wants their cut. Their boy Nixon established the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Pot was placed on Schedule 1, the baddest of 5 categories, worse than cocaine or morphine. It is now illegal to do scientific research into the medicinal possibilities of Cannabis. This is after his own select committee of experts recommended that marijuana be decriminalized.

The Railroad didn't stop at the border. After the legislation took the express through Congress unopposed, without debate, the Leader of the Free World leaned on all the other free countries to outlaw Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana. "Play ball with U.S. or we'll slap some sanctions on you!" The negative portrayal of people who use, need, and enjoy Cannabis is manipulated mythology. The so-called "Pot Head" isn't stupid or violent. The effects of Cannabis on people would not be reason for a violent act. In fact, Cannabis is a good treatment for reducing violent behavior. It cools down "Hot Heads." Cannabis does not affect one's ability to drive a car the way alcohol does. The Viet Nam War Medal of Honor recipients were often stoned while doing their heroic duty, but not drunk.

Cannabis is a brain activator that induces a mildly euphoric, easily controllable sense of awareness and feeling of adequacy. It can really smooth out a rough day. It is often used for creative inspiration and problem solving. And you don't have a hangover if you use quality kind herb. Cannabis use usually leads to a healthier attitude towards one's physical well-being. Unlike alcohol, which is a depressant and addictive, and tobacco, which is addictive, carcinogenic, and constricts the lungs' air capacity, Cannabis is not a depressant, it is not addictive, and it doesn't cause cancer. The kind smoke dilates your lungs, giving you more oxygen. This is better for your heart and brain. And it is a far better anti-oxidant than any other. People who smoke marijuana live longer. Take away the repression of the evil laws, the narc under every rock mind-blower, and everybody would be happier and a lot more colorful.

The poetic reality of the good kind of Cannabis is "Peasants' Heaven." Cannabis helps you cope with the dominant capitalist system and materialistic ethic. By our American rights, the easy to grow, humble yet noble weed should be homegrown, personal, fun, funny, friendly, and free of fear. We are all on this miraculous planet together. Intelligence, tolerance, and help should be the cure for ignorance, hate and war on drugs. We, the people, don't want stinkin' narcotics. We want to re-legalize Cannabis. Spark it up America! We can make the World a kind place. The catalyst is Cannabis.